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Madagascar Part 2

Some more photos from incredible Madagascar. These were taken during the day sails south to Baly Bay after checking out of the country at Nosy Be. Fun times with a great group of boats – Max & Tania on SV Alalila, Mike & Marie on SV Roke, Tobias & Leo on SV Uno Mundo, and Alan and Annie on SV Kiwi Dream. Thanks to Tania and Annie for a lot of the photos.


Local Craft


With the gang


Baly Bay

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Madagascar Part 1

There is a lot I could write about my visit to Madagascar and I will have the time to do so in future. But in the meantime just some photos which I hope will show what an incredible few weeks i’ve had here. I’ve been lucky to meet some amazing people and a special mention goes to Max, Tania, Clem and Emma from SV Alalila. They invited me to join them on many adventures, we raced Alalila in the local regatta (and won), and we have pretty much spent all our time together. Madagascar would not have been the same without them.

The Nosy Be area is a beautiful cruising ground with flat water and good sailing, a sea teaming with life, healthy coral, and on the whole friendly locals. I have been surprised at just how happy and content the village people are despite being incredibly poor. Highlights have included sailing on a local outrigger pirogue at Russian Bay, swimming alongside a whale shark, chilling in the pristine and beautiful waters of Nosy Irandja and Tsara Banjina and a beach fire and jam session with the locals at Nosy Mitsio. Thank you Madagascar for all the memories!

Nosy Sakatia, Crater Bay and Russian Bay


Lima Island, Honey River & Nosy Irandja 


Nosy Be Regatta & local Pirogues


Whale Shark, Tsara Banjina, Nosy Mitsio

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