Yacht Fathom - Setting off from England in May 2016 on a single-handed voyage somewhere a bit warmer

‘At the C to B 2016’ – From Cabo Verde to Barbados

After a few beers the other night six yachts have decided to ‘race’ 2020 nm from Cape Verde to Barbados departing tomorrow Friday 2/12/2016.  The aim is to celebrate Christmas together but there is definitely some competitive chat going down!


Final preparations at the anchorage

The rules we have come up with as follows:-

Safe voyage across the Atlantic Ocean, to meet each other again on the other side of the ocean.

Celebrate Christmas together in Carlisle Bay.

Start: 02/12/2016: Picture of the GPS with UTC time while crossing the longitude of the Ilhéu Dos Passaros lighthouse (25° 00,69’ W)

Finish: After rounding the south point of Barbados, all boats will lead north on the west coast of the island crossing: the latitude 15° 05’N will be the finish line.

Everyone is asked to take a photo of the GPS screen while crossing the finish line.

Important: time UTC and position must be visible on the photo.


If the engine will be used, the time must be noted (the referee will note the hour meter state of each boat before the start),

Do not shave during the crossing.


First ship in Barbados,

First ship after calculating with handicap,

Biggest fish caught during the crossing (photo with meter as proof),

Most fishes caught.


Daily VHF call at 2PM UTC Channel 77,

No position request between 8PM and 9AM (local time).


Arwen (FRA, Bordeaux)
GRP, Gib Sea 304, Melanie and Frederic
Fathom (GBR, Isle of Wight)
GRP, Vancouver 28, Thom
Hent-Eon (FRA, Brest)
STEEL, CAROFF 34ft. Michael, Emeline, Adelaide, Thais, Domitille
Loveboat (FRA, Lorient)
GRP, Sunshine 38, Victoria and Julien
Ribouldingue (FRA, Brest)
ALUMINIUM, 36ft, Emeline and Francois
Sturmschwalbe (GER, Eckernförde)
STEEL, Wibo 945, Jule and Jan
As normal i’ll tweet a few updates along the way and expect to be at sea around 18 days. Fathom is the smallest and slowest boat but I don’t like coming last so lets see!

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